Wire Ropes

Wire Rope At JT Industries, we make it our business to supply and distribute a wide variety of tools, components, small parts, and fasteners used within final product manufacture. By working with high quality, high volume producers and fabricators, we are able to provide for the demands of nearly any process or application.

Indusco, one of our longtime production and sourcing partners, is our provider for wire rope material. In business since 1908, they are a highly experienced manufacturer of wire rope and associated wire rope accessories. They are able to supply high standard stock, including 6 x 19 Class Bright, 6 x 37 Bright Fiber, 6 x 19 and 6 x 37 Galvanized, and specialties like vinyl-coated and galvanized cables. They can also provide standard wire tools, such as hand-held cable cutters, impact cutters, marlin spikes, measurers, and swagers.

We are ready to comprehensively satisfy the wire rope needs of your custom project or product assembly. For more information about wire rope sourcing Contact us directly.

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