Rotor Clip

Rotor Clip A retaining ring is a simple metal fastener that can be secured into an inside or outside groove, allowing for the constraining of rods, shafts, bearings, and other cylindrical parts. Most widely available in tapered; constant section, and spiral designs, retaining rings are an assembly feature product that find their way into an infinite variety of products. At JT Industries, we’ve partnered with Rotor Clip to bring to market the highest quality retaining rings available. A specialist in all three main varieties, Rotor Clip is able to supply retaining rings that can accommodate low to high thrust loads in many material configurations. Specialty materials, including DIN 1.4122, 420 Stainless, Beryllium Copper 25, and PH 15-7 Stainless are also available for high demand applications. We can also deliver other fastener products like wave springs, hose clamps and custom designs as needed. contact us at JT Industries today to learn more about retaining rings from Rotor Clip.

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