Heavy Duty Clips At JT Industries, we stock and sell a wide variety of important assembly components used in many manufacturing applications. Pieces like retaining rings, clips, and similar devices are needed in building everything from toys and appliances to heavy, mission-critical industrial machinery. Finding a supplier that gives you access to the sizes and variations of these parts you need is difficult, but with us you’ll have a production partner that won’t limit your design complexity or assembly process.

We currently source retaining rings and clips from Rotor Clips Inc., a leading fabricator of tapered section, constant section, and spiral retaining rings made from common and advanced materials. We provide retaining rings in standard or bulk volumes made from carbon steel, stainless steel, beryllium copper, and phosphor bronze with or without finishes like zinc chromate, zinc flash, copper flash, black oxide, and others. Rotor Clips Inc. can also deliver other fastener products like wave springs, hose clamps, and custom designs as needed.

To learn more about our clip and fastener products sourced from Rotor Clips Inc., contact us directly.

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