Cable Ties

Cable ties are a ubiquitous fastener used for an infinite array of commercial and industrial purposes. A good source for cable ties will be able to provide for any project or assembly circumstances, from simple securement to mission-critical applications. At JT Industries, we are that source, bringing our customers access to the best cable tie manufacturers in business today.

Our cable tie distribution features an unparalleled selection, able to meet every specific need including size, strength, style, and color. Hellermann Tyton and Micro Plastics, our production associates, are able to provide common and advanced/specialty cable ties in both small and large quantities. Examples include standard cable ties, reversible cable ties, double-loop ties, hook and loop fasteners, and application-specific build materials that are UV, chemical, and wear resistant. Also available are heavy-duty cable ties capable of withstanding upwards of 250 pounds of tensile force.

With JT Industries, sourcing cable ties and other fastener parts becomes an easy and cost-saving process that will allow centralization around one provider. Contact us today for more information about our cable ties and related distribution.

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