Stock Head Cap Screws

Stock Head Cap Screw At JT Industries, we provide small parts, fasteners, screws, and other minor supplies for virtually any project or product assembly requirement. We work with well-established suppliers to bring our customers the highest quality assembly parts with the sizes and features they need the most.

Our product range presently includes alloy steel socket shoulder screws sourced from Blue Devil. These specialty screws, which are also known as stripper and shoulder bolts, offer a thick non-threaded shoulder that runs for most of the length of the screw. This provides excellent shear strength without sacrificing fastener utility, making these screws perfect for pulley shafts, bearing mountings, axel/pivot mountings, and in punch/die applications.

We are ready to take care of every part need your custom projects and product assembly processes require. For more info about our socket shoulder screws, or about our parts and fastener distributing, Contact us directly.

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